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Aluminium Bi Fold Doors for Your Home in Minster

Bi-fold doors can transform the look and feel of your Minster home. These innovative systems are the ideal way to open your living space up with natural light and connect it to your garden.

Bi-folds work similarly to sliding doors, in that you can push them open from the side. However, instead of gliding across, you’ll get a multi-panelled design which folds in on itself. That way, the door is versatile both for opening your home up and separating smaller spaces, and it’ll stand out every time.

Outstanding Quality Bi Folds

Secure Style only supplies bi-fold doors with aluminium frames in Minster. Aluminium is far more robust than uPVC or wood, and it can give you better insulation too. That means you won’t only make your home warmer, but you won’t expose it to the elements, or any intruders.

We’re proud to stock ALUK‘s leading aluminium in our bi-fold doors. Also, these doors feature full panels of modern glazing, meaning the whole system can work to save energy inside your home too.

Double Glazing Minster

Personalised Bi Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors come in a wide variety of different configurations. These doors can be as expansive as you wish, as you can add panels to the design. Because of this, you could choose to replace an entire wall of your home with these open, slim entries.

Your bi-fold doors will also operate smoothly for years to come, no matter the configuration they come in. Thanks to the aluminium frame, the door will protect the internal hardware from rust and wear.

The customisation doesn’t stop there, either. Instead of feeling like you’re buying off-the-shelf, you can design bi-fold doors in a unique colour or finish for your Minster home. Aluminium can make any colour shine for decades, thanks to its weatherproof and scratch-resistant design.

You can choose between our KL Colour Range and dual RAL colour finishes to pick the look you’d like for your new doors. That way, you can invest in a new feature that reflects your home’s unique personality.


Designed For The Modern Homeowner

Bi-fold doors are an effortlessly modern option for homes in Minster. If you live in a traditional property or cottage, these doors can bring your space forward into the future.

Not only do they look modern, but their performance is even more advanced. Bi-fold doors use aluminium and double glazing in their design, materials which trap more of your home’s heat inside. Not only that, but the doors work to create a thermal barrier for your home, keeping cold air out.

Because of this, your living space will feel warmer, brighter and more comfortable. Also, you won’t have to rely on your central heating if you want to get the right temperature in your space. Instead, your doors will have slimline frames, so nothing gets in the way of outstanding natural light flooding your living area.

As a result of all this, you can use less energy, save money on bills, and even decrease your carbon footprint.

Complete Accessibility 

The other enormous benefit of bi-fold doors is accessibility. With different back door designs, it can often feel awkward to enter your garden. But bi-fold doors are perhaps the most straightforward doors to pass between in the world.

The whole system operates on an in-line slider, and each panel elegantly folds away at the side of the design. Because of this, you can turn your doors into a seamless gateway with only a simple slide.

Not only that, but you can make your bi-fold doors even more accessible. If you live with older people or those who struggle with mobility, then you can add a low threshold to your doors. This option reduces the clearance of your bi-fold doors yet further, making it easy for anybody to walk outside in your Minster home.

Also, the low threshold improves security, as it makes it even less likely a burglar can use a crowbar to prise the door apart from underneath.



Exceptional Security For Your Home in Minster

When you invest in bi-fold doors for your Minster home, you won’t open it up completely. While you’ll make it easy to go between your living room and your garden, you won’t expose yourself to any threats. When you shut your aluminium bi-fold doors, they’ll keep burglars out and ensure you and your family’s safety.

ALUK’s durable aluminium profile is robust on its own. However, it also comes with leading internal security features, which the aluminium frame conceals from view.

That means intruders won’t be able to get close to the key features which make your door tick. Additionally, there’ll be a multi-point locking system in every panel of your door. Because of this, each sheet of double glazing will stay attached to its frame.

Also, as the door fits onto an in-line slider, there’s hardware below it that keeps your door firmly on the ground. And, with impact-resistant aluminium, neither brains nor brawns can defeat your doors.

bi fold doors minster kent
bifold doors minster

Aluminium Bi Fold Doors Prices Minster

Interested in finding aluminium bi-fold doors prices for your Minster home? Then talk to Secure Style today for an instant price! Our online quote builder lets you get a price for any design and configuration you choose.

To find out more about our products and services, get in touch with us today!

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