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Double Glazed Units

SecureStyle Double Glazed Units

Upgrade your home’s performance without compromising on the aesthetics of your window when you choose our replacement double glazed units. Preserve your home’s traditional or modern beauty by only replacing the glass unit, keeping your original frame intact.


Customise your sealed unit to suit the style and size of your window frame. Our glass units are fully compatible with a range of property and period styles, functional for both residential and commercial buildings.


Improve your home’s security by choosing to upgrade your old tired glass units with our double glazed alternative. Trick potential intruders into thinking your old window frames are paired with the traditional glazing, by choosing only to replace the sealed unit itself.


Suitable for a wide range of window and door styles, so that you can upgrade your glazing, no matter what style of window or door your home has. We can custom design your double glazing to perfectly fit your profile.

Bay Window

Double Glazed Units Design

A sealed unit is the glass or glazing area of your window that sits within its frame. The sealed glazed unit consists of two or three panes of glass that is separated by a vacuum pocket of air that works as a layer of insulation for your home.

With a wide range of glazing thicknesses so you can be sure to find the right thickness for your home improvement needs. Upgrading your double glazing can increase your home’s thermal efficiency but significant value.

Double Glazed Units Energy Ratings

Over time, your window can begin to cause draughts in your home, which will also identify as a security breach to your home. Replacing the glazed unit within your frame can help to increase your home’s thermal efficiency. Benefit from a reduction on the impact that your home has on the environment with lower CO2 emissions when you upgrade your glazing.

Keep your home warmer in the winter by upgrading your glazing style with our expertly designed replacement sealed units. Save money on your heating bills by being less reliant on your heating system due to a more thermally efficient home. Our units are designed with you in mind, providing an insulated barrier between your home and the outside.

Double Glazed Sealed Units

Our double glazing sealed units can be used for all our double glazed products. Whether you are looking for replacement glazing for your conservatory, sliding sash window or bi-fold door, we have a solution for you.

Why Choose Replacement Sealed Units?

Here at SecureStyle, we understand that improving your home can be a costly and time consuming task. Replacement sealed units save you time and money. You don’t have to replace your entire window unit when the only part that requires replacing is the glass sealed unit.

Choose to upgrade your sealed units in your window frames to reduce the level of heat loss in your home. Benefit from A rated energy standards, while increasing the view of the outdoors with extra clear glass.

Double Glazed Sealed Units

Glass Sealed Units to Suit Any Home

Replacement glass sealed units are the ideal home improvement solution for homeowners that want to preserve the traditional aesthetic of their home. The glass in your windows and doors are an important element to maintain to preserve your home’s performance.

Flush Casement Window Style

Market Leading Supplier

SecureStyle are dedicated to supplying the highest quality double glazing products. So we only install our double glazed units by expertly trained fitters, to ensure you only receive the best quality double glazing. Provide your home in Kent with a home improvement solution like no other.

Double Glazed Units Prices

Are you looking to replace your old glazing with our double glazed units? SecureStyle offer a range of replacement sealed units so you can enhance your home’s security and thermal efficiency without replacing the entire frame. All our products come from top suppliers and can be installed throughout the Kent area.

If you would like to receive your glass sealed units, quote then contact us via our online contact form today. Our highly trained team are always on hand to help you with all things double glazing. Take the first step to designing your dream home with SecureStyle and get in touch today on 01227 779 372.


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