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P-Shaped Conservatory

P-shaped conservatory spaces are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in the Kent area. The p-shaped conservatory is an ideal space that is perfect for installation on larger, detached properties, utilising the available space to give an impressive result. These conservatories can be expertly installed into both modern and traditional homes, meaning no homeowner needs to miss out. Extending in two different directions, this innovative style is great at creating two different living areas. The mix of Edwardian and Victorian styles means you can achieve an elegant outcome whilst still enjoying maximum living space.

Thermal Efficiency

The thermal efficiency of your home is highly important, no matter what the weather is outside. Our double glazed windows are perfect for retaining as much heat as possible in the winter, eliminating cold spots and draughts.


Nobody wants a p-shaped conservatory that is out keeping with their home, which is why our range comes with a variety of customisation options. Choose from a range of colours and finishes, creating a bespoke p-shaped conservatory.

Energy Efficiency

We aim to help our customers as much as possible, which is why our range of p-shape conservatories are ideal for creating an energy efficient home. Creating a tight seal around the window, your home will remain warmer and more energy efficient.

p-shaped conservatory price

P-Shaped Conservatory Style

The P-shaped conservatory has a unique appearance, with a rounded end featuring either a three or five segment design. The longer end, which is ideal for a dining room setting, can have a hipped roof or a lean-to end. Stylish and available in a range of designs, the P-shaped conservatory can add much-needed space to a house without requiring you to reimagine your garden design. You also have the freedom to choose between traditional styles and a range of high quality finishes.

Personal Design

At SecureStyle, you can choose from a variety of designs and exceptional finishes. Your P-shaped conservatory can be in uPVC, hardwood, or aluminium, and the rounded part of the design can be Victorian, Edwardian, or Gable End. You have the freedom to personalise it around your available space and existing style. With endless combinations, you are guaranteed to end up with a unique, elegant finish that complements any home. We’ll be able to expertly install all our P-shaped conservatory options to suit any home.

Practical Space

Due to the versatile design of the P-shaped conservatory, it is ideal for creating two separate living spaces. The longer part is perfect for a lounge or dining area, whilst the round part could be used as a play area. Your conservatory can be built around you, either extending from the ground up or built on a dwarf wall so that it matches your existing brickwork. The unique combination of frame and glass creates a brilliant impression of light and space, allowing you to enjoy the weather whilst relaxing inside.

Thermal Efficiency

The P-shaped conservatory is designed specifically for British weather conditions, being one of the most thermally efficient on the market. High performance glazing material ensures that solar heat is kept out during the summer months, whilst still maintaining warmth during the winter. Because of this, you’re sure to save on your household energy costs. There is a constant air flow provided by our ventilation systems, meaning your conservatory has little chance of condensation.

High Security

Not only are these conservatories stylish, but they are also incredibly secure. With our multi point locking systems and force resistant hinges, you can count on being safe in your P-shaped conservatory. Reinforced with premium grade materials, our conservatories are made to last. We make sure that every p-shaped conservatory is expertly installed, giving you the best chance for a long-lasting, reliable structure.

P-Shaped Conservatory Roof Prices

Space Efficient

The shape and design of the P-shaped conservatory are incredibly versatile. Although better suited to larger, detached properties, the proportions can be adapted to fit whatever you have available. The main attraction of this conservatory is that it adds much needed space without requiring you to redesign your garden or swallowing up too much of your available land. The space you acquire will provide flexible room that can be used in a variety of ways.

P-Shaped Conservatory Cost

P-Shaped Conservatory Prices

As well as being a great addition to any property, this conservatory adds value and enhances your home. This conservatory design is long lasting and low maintenance, whilst still being cost-effective and easy to install. Use our online quoting engine below to find out the price of your P-shaped conservatory, or if you just want more information, fill out our online contact form. Alternatively, to get in touch with one of our team, call 01227 779392.

If a P-Shaped conservatory is not quite what you are looking for, why not opt for a lean to conservatory or gable end conservatory? You could even choose a bespoke conservatory for a design tailored to your style. Take a look at all of our conservatory styles today!


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