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A patio door from SecureStyle is a fantastic investment and a great way of opening up your living space on to your garden or patio area. A great space saving double glazed door option as they don’t take up any room when opened. Thanks to the sliding motion you can create a wide open space in one swift movement. Our uPVC patio doors in Kent are available in a number of configuration options, including two, three and four panels in order to suit the space available and your requirements. Combining increased security and safety with the fully welded and reinforced, internally glazed uPVC profiles your property will remain untouchable to unwanted visitors.

Space Saving

Unlike other backdoor options on the market, our patio doors take up very little space. This, in turn, makes them a fantastic option for homes with limited space. Even the tightest of rooms can still be filled with natural light, as the sliding mechanism means there are no in-swinging doors.

ATK Locking Cylinders

For an added level of security, our patio doors here at SecureStyle come with the market leading ATK locking cylinders which ensure maximum protection. We acknowledge that having peace of mind in your own home is vital, and these six point locking cylinders make sure you have precisely that.

Stunning Design

Here at Securestyle, our range of patio doors come with a stunning design, leaving them with gorgeous visual appeal. The customisation options ensure that you’re left with a product that is perfect for you. These include woodgrain finishes if you’re renovating a more traditional home.

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Thermally Efficient Patio Doors

One main concern people have with installing patio doors is that they offer poor energy efficiency. However, that isn’t the case. SecureStyle’s range offer fantastic heat retention, which in turn will keep the room warm in the colder months. This level of thermal efficiency could see save money on your energy bills in the long run, as you won’t need the central heating on as high to enjoy whatever social space the patio doors are fitted in. However, in the summer, these patio doors won’t retain all heat, ensuring they don’t make a conservatory or extension stuffy and overly warm.

Excellent Weatherproofing

Our patio doors offer fantastic weatherproofing thanks to their market-leading seals and water-tight locking systems. This ensures that even the most extreme wind and rain will stay on the right side of the window. This ensures that the door itself and the area around it will not suffer from damp or rotting. However, you always won’t have to worry about damaging your valuables. If these are attached to a conservatory with speaker systems and TVs in them, they’re safe from the adverse weather as well.

Not Just a Garden Entrance

Many homeowners install these as an entrance to their garden, but if you happen to have a dark room within your property, these doors can help brighten the space by giving it a lighter atmosphere.

Not exclusive to the communal area, these can be installed in other areas of your home such as your bedroom. Many install them as a quick and efficient means of entering their garden through their bedroom. Want stylish access to your balcony? Patio doors can also be installed on the second story of your property, providing you with a charming alternative entrance.

Why Choose Patio Doors?

In comparison to other door options on the market, patio doors are both space saving and cost effective. The sliding mechanisms of the door mean that unlike their French counterparts, there’s no in-swinging or out-swinging parts. This means that if you’re limited on room, both inside or outside, they’re perfect for you.

In addition, they often come out cheaper than other, more complex door options. Despite this, these doors bring all the modern perks and benefits you’d want when making home improvements. As a result, they are an incredibly smart investment for your home in Kent.

Patio Door Prices Kent

Good for the Environment

In addition to being kind to your wallet or purse, our patio doors are also kind to the environment. All of the materials we use from are recyclable up to ten times. In addition, we don’t use any lead materials throughout the installation process, which in turn is also better for the environment. Also, regardless of which colour you pick, there’s no actual painting involved throughout the manufacturing process. This, as a result, means that no harmful chemicals have to be used to maintain the look of your product after installation.

Patio Doors Kent

Patio Door Prices Kent

SecureStyle offers a free online quote for our complete range of patio doors. Our online quote engine below is extremely fast and easy to use. Simply fill in the details of your patio door and click go. Alternatively, send us an email using our online contact form or give us a call on 01227 779372.


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