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Select Products works solely with one manufacturer – British Made Shutters (BMS) – so that we can provide products of the best quality to our customers in Kent and London. Each of our window shutters is made to specification, which means yours will suit the design schemes and architectural style of your property.

When customising your item, a wide choice of colours will be available. Our BMS products are finished using a specialist type of paint made by Kolorbond. This gives the completed product a more personalised look and will add a touch of style to your home in London or Kent that is hard to replicate. Call today for details.

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Five Reasons to Buy Composite Shutters

Every entry in our portfolio of comes with a range of benefits attached to it. Here are just a few reasons to get in contact with the Secure Style team to find out more.

Fantastic Lead Times
We understand that your time is important and don’t want you to delay starting your home improvement project because of unacceptable lead times. Even though the window shutters we install are made to order at a dedicated manufacturing site in Evesham, we can start work within a 3-4 week period, which is faster than our nearest competitor.

Incredible Strength
Although our window shutters look stunning, each one is designed with strength in mind. Your product will not fade over time when exposed to varying weather conditions, nor will it lose its colour. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a window shutter made for all seasons – thanks to the addition of a Dovetail joint added during the manufacturing process.

Fire Retardant
Keeping your family and home in Kent or London safe is your first priority. It’s also number one our checklist. We’re proud of the fact that our products are fire resistant because we can install them with confidence – knowing that our customers are better protected. Contact the Secure Style team today to find out more or get a free quote for your project.

Waterproof Shutters
Each of our window shutters is built to withstand rainwater. You won’t need to worry about the weather damaging your product. Operationally and aesthetically, your newly-installed composite product will remain unchanged. Cleaning your item will also be extremely easy. An occasional wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to maintain your installation.

Our Guarantee To You
We’re confident that our window shutters are of the highest quality – so confident, in fact, that we’re offering a 10-year guarantee to our customers in the London and Kent areas. In the unlikely event that your product doesn’t deliver as it should, you’ll be able to contact us to resolve the issue. Under the terms of your guarantee, we’ll be able to put things right.

Introducing Our Product Range

Find your perfect match by exploring our portfolio today. Each of our products can be modified by choosing from a range of different style options.

Tudor – Stained Hardwood
This option is crafted to the highest possible standard. Built from hardwood, it’s a strong and durable option that can be stained to achieve the look you desire. Accentuate the natural appearance of your product by opting for a walnut, beech or rich mahogany stain – or another option altogether.

Victorian – Painted Hardwood
Like our ever-popular Tudor option, the Victorian is made from robust hardwood. Your product will last a long time, be able to withstand tough impacts, and can be finished in any shade of your choosing. Select from our RAL chart to personalise your design. Discover more by calling us today.

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Stuart – Craftwood
Our Stuart shutters depart from the Tudor and Victorian in their design. This entry in our catalogue of window shutters is built using MDF. Its surface is extremely easy to clean because it’s made from polymer. If your home in London or Kent is located in a busy town centre, it’s likely to need regular cleaning. Wiping dirt and grime is easy when you choose the Stuart option, which can be installed in 5 shades of white.

Find out more about any of the three window shutter options offered by Secure Style. Call or email us for an informal discussion or a quote today.

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