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Slim Mid-Rail For Sliding Sash Windows

At SecureStyle, we provide slim mid-rail sash windows which will perfectly complement your Kent property. We can update your timber windows with innovative uPVC framing, which can help increase your home’s performance significantly while still providing a traditional charm. 

These new slim frames allow a larger glazing area, so more natural light can come into the room, making it feel brighter and more spacious. They can also provide a sleek appearance, which is perfect for homeowners with smaller homes. 

We have years of experience providing double glazing solutions to homeowners based in Margate, Whitstable, Herne Bay and across Kent. We have a wealth of knowledge, so we are always happy to discuss your requirements and our products’ fantastic benefits. Read more about our slim mid-rail sash windows, or feel free to get in touch with our team for a free quote. 


These highly durable windows can last for over twenty years. As uPVC can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as wind and rain, you will have to do minor maintenance to ensure your windows don’t crack, warp, or swell. On the other hand, wooden windows can expand and contract during hot or cold weather conditions and may require expensive repairs to keep them functioning well.


Another benefit of uPVC slim mid-rail sash windows is that they are easy to install. uPVC is a lightweight yet durable material, perfect for easy and smooth operations. This easy operation makes our windows ideal for those who are older or have limited mobility.

Thermal Insulation

Our windows provide excellent thermal insulation, helping keep your home comfortable throughout the year. These mid-rail sash windows are made with hidden chambers within the hollow plastic, which won’t only mask the modern replacements but also help trap heat by using air as a natural insulator. With the combination of argon gas-filled double-glazed glass units, these windows can reach low U-values. 

Slim-mid rail sash windows Prices

Innovative Designs

Slim mid-rail sash windows come with various features. One of these features is an easy tilt and side faculty, which makes it easier to clean the glazing. Additionally, they are fitted with well-placed trickle vents, which can improve air circulation and reduce the risk of condensation. This helps our windows live up to modern-day standards and regulations. 

Timeless Look

If you want a traditional feel but still want modern benefits, these windows are for you. The mid-rail sash window has a deep bottom rail, run-through sash horns, and weather-resistant wool piles that can be colour-matched to your home’s design. Additionally, it is fitted with 90-degree mechanical joints and vibrant woodgrain foils for the extra finishing touch. The 37mm mid-rail provides a sleek and elegant look, which will significantly increase your property’s visual appeal. 

Slim Frames

Due to their extensive glazing, our sliding sash windows can provide a great flow of natural light into the room. This will help the space feel much brighter, so you can rely less on your electric lights. With their slim frames, you can quickly look out to your Kent view without anything being in the way. 

Customisable Options

Our double-glazing windows come in a variety of styles so that you can tailor them to your property. Whether you are looking for a window that can appear like a wooden sash window or heritage Georgian, Victorian, or Edwardian, we can help make this happen. With the different options you can choose from, it will be easy to create a window that is completely bespoke to you. 

Along with their designs, you can also choose from our variety of colour options. Whether you want black, green, white, grey, or more, we have the option for you. Create a seamless transition or a statement piece to create a great impression. 

Slim-mid rail sash windows Kent

Why Work With SecureStyle?

SecureStyle is a Kent-based installer that can help you find the perfect solutions for your home improvement projects. We provide a wide range of uPVC and aluminium double glazing products that can increase your home’s performance. We hold multiple accreditations and have excellent reviews from our previous customers to show that we are the best for the job. Visit our showroom to view our products, or feel free to contact our team, and we will be happy to provide you with more information about them. 

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Slim-mid rail sash windows

Slim Mid-Rail Sash Windows Prices Kent

If you are interested in upgrading your sliding sash windows to our slim mid-rail option, then get in touch with our team today. We provide a wide range of designs to choose from to enhance your Kent home. Get in contact with our team by using our online contact form or by calling us, and we will be happy to assist you. 


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