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wooden windows and wooden doors

Wooden Windows and Wooden Doors

SecureStyle proudly offers a carefully selected range of beautiful wooden windows and wooden doors throughout Canterbury, Margate, Whitstable and the surrounding Kent areas. Our timber windows will give your Kent home a beautiful, natural and highly sought after finish. These window options are great for increasing your home’s value and amplifying the character, giving it its own unique style. Timber windows instantly add a warm and traditionally British feel to your property in Kent. Our timber windows are designed with specialist architects, ensuring that they retain their appeal for many years. Each one requires little to no maintenance on your behalf, succeeding in boosting your home’s security, whilst also reducing your monthly energy bill.

Range of Designs

At SecureStyle, we pride ourselves on offering products to suit the masses, which is why we offer a range of exceptional designs. We are sure you will find one to suit your home from within our range. Get in touch with us to find out more about our wooden windows & doors.


Picking the right wooden windows design is one aspect, but making sure it fits in with your home is another. We offer a range of customisation options for our customers to choose from. Pick from a variety of colours and finishes to get the perfect look for you.

Thermal Efficiency

Keeping your home warm in the winter months can be a difficult task. However, we are here to help. We have designed our wooden windows and wooden doors to trap in as much heat as possible, making it ideal for any type of home. Get a thermally efficient window today.

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Wooden Casement Windows

Our wooden casement windows are by far our most popular. SecureStyle offer bespoke wooden windows in full confidence of their performance in the UK’s everchanging climate. Our wooden casement windows are available both internally and externally glazed; depending on which style best suits your home. We use the highest quality stainless steel multi-point locking system, vastly improving your home’s security to give yourself and your family complete peace of mind. SecureStyle offer traditional wooden windows with an optional secure night vent; keeping your home fresh through musky summer evenings. Our wooden casement windows are completely customisable; so, feel free to speak to us if you have anything special in mind. Our wooden windows designers can provide you with the perfect set of windows for your home in Kent. Storm-proof style casement windows are available with a sturdy 66mm frame. As well as this, we also include mushroom headed steel cams, child safety conscious anti-trap hinges and a range of butt hinges available in a variety of colours. Our authentic wooden windows handles are offered in Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Silver F1, Gold Brass, White or Black.

Wooden Sliding Sash Windows

Our wooden sliding sash windows are specifically created to match the timeless design that first gained popularity throughout Britain during the seventeenth century. Nowadays, modern technology makes wooden windows a practical choice for homes throughout Kent. Our wooden windows expertly combine beauty with modern energy and security values. We have done our utmost to change as little as possible with our wooden sliding sash windows. Developed water based paint ensures that your wooden windows will not rot, maintaining their elegant appearance. SecureStyle offer a range of opening options for your wooden sliding sash window. Windows with larger spaces can have weights, nylon chords and a traditional pulley system. Whereas, windows with less space are better suited to a modern space saving spring-balanced system. Solid engineered soft or hardwood timber 155mm slim frames match the original design of the seventeenth century. All our wooden windows offer the highest quality, professionally finished RAL colour scheme. Including this, we have weatherproofing gaskets, which means no wood sliding on wood.

Suitable Material for Wooden Windows & Wooden Doors

SecureStyle only use wood from a sustainable source, ensuring our carbon footprint is minimal. Much like our entire range of products, our wooden windows and wooden doors range is produced to the highest possible standard, with superior quality components that will stand the test of time. Our artistic wooden windows and solid wood doors are crafted from highly experienced carpenters. Here at SecureStyle, we always try to go the extra mile in relation to customer experience and satisfaction. We offer an industry leading after care service, ensuring you are totally satisfied with your wooden windows and doors. SecureStyle are fully committed to quality and only supply you with the most robust products on the current market.

Residential Wooden Doors

SecureStyle proudly offer beautiful residential wooden doors as part of our timber door selection. A hugely sought after look, appealing to homeowners who want to retain the genuine beauty and pleasure of owning handcrafted residential wooden doors. Our residential wooden doors exceed UK standards, making them a practical and attractive rendition to your Kent home. They will benefit your homes energy consumption, amplify the charisma of your property and give your house the entrance it deserves. 

Customisable Options

Each door can be decorated and fitted with a variation of letterboxes or peep-holes. Customers wishing to capture the minimalistic approach may choose to have the residential wooden doors simply painted and treated to combat corrosive weather conditions.

They are available in 92mm flush or 66mm storm proof styles and are fully assembled during production. Each one is guaranteed to protect you against harsh weather conditions, fitted with high quality stainless steel hinges and locks.

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Wooden Bi-Folding, French & Patio Doors

Without hesitation, our wooden bi-fold doors are the ultimate timber door. A true master of design and simply bursting with elegance, our wooden doors will become the centrepiece of your entire property. Timber bi-fold doors cleverly open up your home, creating space along with a hugely welcoming entrance to your property. Wooden doors are the perfect back entrance to your property in Kent – ideal when entertaining guests during the summer. Options to open inwards or outwards with multiple thresholds are also available. Our wooden bi-fold doors are a highly adaptable product that will complete your home and increase the value of your property.

Our solid French wooden doors provide your Kent property with panoramic views of the outside world. They are manufactured with security, energy consumption and viewing pleasure in mind. You can have total peace of mind behind the highest quality, ethically sourced timber and reinforced stainless steel. Each door offers uncompromised security and energy efficiency with a traditional finish. SecureStyle’s solid French wooden doors exceed all UK standards, making them both a practical and sensible option. French wooden doors bring the outside world into your home; boasting simply magnificent views and builds on the natural character of your home in Kent. Like the range of Residential wooden doors, these can be made with two different style options and are also fully assembles during production.

Our wooden patio doors are effortless in functionality and boasting superior style and aesthetic beauty from every single angle. Wooden patio doors are the ideal solution for saving space and are excellent for use on balconies. Our wooden doors are built to last and serve as a gateway to your garden. They make a fantastic addition to your home’s security, alongside decreasing your homes energy consumption. They are fully assembled during production and are tried and tested, ensuring a smooth operation. We utilise strong locking systems and hinges to ensure your wooden doors are protected against harsh weather conditions.

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Wooden Windows & Wooden Doors Prices

We offer competitive prices for wooden windows and doors in Kent. Our range of beautiful wooden windows and wooden doors are produced from scratch to your exact specifications. If you are considering investing in our timber windows and wooden doors, contact one of our friendly team members today for a free, no-obligation quote via our online contact form. Our highly trained and polite professionals are more than happy to give you more information on all our wooden windows and doors. Why not call us today on 01227 779372.


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