closed bi-fold doors
closed bi-fold doors

Amazing Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in Maidstone

For the ultimate, luxury entrance to your garden, there is nothing that offers the same style as an aluminium bi-fold door. Your Maidstone home will be completely changed when you choose aluminium bi-folding doors for your home improvements.

Enjoy an enhanced lifestyle with a seamless connection between your home and garden, creating an open and grand living space. SecureStyle install fantastic sliding doors across Maidstone that will enhance any home, and could even add value.

For more on our spectacular aluminium bi-fold doors in Maidstone, read our guide below, and see the extensive benefits and features of these amazing sliding doors.

Aluminium-Bi-Folding-Doors Maidstone

Outstanding Quality

Aluminium bi-fold doors really are the luxury choice for your Maidstone home improvements. Here at SecureStyle, we ensure that your double glazed sliding doors meet the highest standards, as we work with market leading manufacturers ALUK.

These exceptional bi-folding doors are made from the highest grade of aluminium and incorporate the very latest innovations in double glazing and door design. You will benefit from outstanding all round performance, including efficiency and security, when you opt for our aluminium bi-folding doors.

Personalised Style

The aluminium bi-fold door style is completely versatile, making it suitable for any space in your home. The concertina folding motion makes the most of the space, folding back to within just a few inches so that you are able to have a vast opening.

The configuration is adaptable too, enabling you to have your doors open from with the left or the right, or even somewhere in the middle – whatever suits you!

These stunning doors can also be tailored with a range of colour finishes, including:

  • Our KL Colour Range
  • Standard White
  • Dual RAL Colour Finishes

With such a wide variety of colours, we are sure to have the perfect match to complement your Maidstone home.

Aluminium-Bi-Folding-Doors Maidstone

Exceptional Security Performance

One of the many benefits of our aluminium bi-folding doors is the exceptional security they offer for your home. They are superbly robust, thanks to the inherent strength of the aluminium material used in their construction. In fact, they are almost impossible to break.

These fantastic strength is further enhanced by the shootbolts that we install between each intermediate panel. These heavy duty shoot bolts ensure that our aluminium bi-fold doors are impressively secure.

All this is topped off by the high security locking mechanisms that we fit as standard. These multipoint locks are designed to offer maximum protection against intruders.

Fantastic Thermal Performance

With aluminium, many people think that it is a cold material to use and doesn’t offer much insulation, however, this is not so with our amazing aluminium bi-fold doors. Using the latest techniques and innovations, these sliding doors are created to achieve outstanding thermal performance, helping to keep your home warm on even the coldest of days.

The extensive glazed area ensures you get the maximum benefit from the natural light coming into your home and superb energy efficiency.

Aluminium-Bi-Folding-Doors Maidstone

Designed For The Modern Homeowner

With any modern home improvement in Maidstone, you want to ensure that it meets the latest legislations and is environmentally sound. We understand that environmental impact is a concern and can be a deciding factor in choosing your new bi-fold doors.

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available, as it can be recycled and repurposed time and time again with no cost to its strength or appearance.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are an exceptionally eco-friendly home improvement for your Maidstone home, keeping you ahead of legislation and giving you confidence that you are doing your bit for the future.

Complete Accessibility

We are proud that our aluminium bi-fold doors are completely accessible, making them achieve the most rigorous building regulations. They are available with a variety of low thresholds for easy access, and the robust materials used ensure that regular wheelchair use will not be a problem.

The opening system is simple and efficient, offering an easy gliding performance that only requires the gentlest of pushes to move. You will never have to fight to open your sliding doors as these doors are designed to last for many, many years and will never warp or rust.

aluminium bi-fold door prices

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Prices Maidstone

Interested in finding out just how competitive our prices for aluminium bifold doors are? Get an instant online price for our aluminium bi-folding doors in just two minutes.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are incredibly popular in Maidstone, thanks to their superior design and construction and all the benefits they offer. If you would like more information on these amazing doors, then please do get in touch. Our friendly team will give you expert advice and guidance, enabling you to find the perfect aluminium bi-folding door for your Maidstone home.

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