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Brighten up a Sandwich home with our range of roof lanterns. These elegant designs are an ideal installation for conservatories, orangeries, sunrooms and aluminium skylights. Flood any space with natural light and create a cosy atmosphere in a kitchen, lounge or dining room.

We work with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure that you get a long lasting investment for your Sandwich home. These state of the art roof lanterns deliver on both performance and visual appeal. Crafted using premium materials and modern manufacturing techniques, these roof lanterns could significantly improve the market value of a home.

We use our years of experience to ensure that you get the best for your Sandwich home. Start your home improvement project today by using our online quoting engine today. If you want further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Elegant Style

Our entire range of roof lanterns are made to measure and designed around your architectural requirements. These roofing solutions are visually appealing and we ensure they blend seamlessly into your Sandwich home. Upgrade the look of your home thanks to the elegant aluminium bars and double glazing options. No matter the size, style or era of home, you can add a timeless new installation.

Low Maintenance

Homeowners can enjoy long lasting and low maintenance solutions for their home. Our roof lanterns are made available with cutting-edge self cleaning technology. This self cleaning feature will ensure that all the dirt and grime that has gathered over time will be broken down by the sun’s rays and the washed up rain. These roofing solutions can help save time, money and energy making them a fantastic investment.

Enhanced Light

These roof lanterns are crafted using premium grade aluminium materials which means they can handle large, double-glazed glass panels without compromising on security. No matter how small and dark your property is, these roof installations can flood a space with light. Flooding any room with natural light can create a warm atmosphere and will give it the illusion of being larger than it is.

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Why Choose our Roof Lanterns?

Our roof lanterns are designed and fabricated using premium materials and modern manufacturing techniques to ensure they can handle whatever life throughs at them. Our roofing installations are affordable thanks to the agreements we have with industry leading manufacturers and distributors. Despite their price tag, the security and thermal efficiency of your home will not be compromised thanks to the durable double glazing and slim metal framework.

Benefits of Roof Lanterns

Our roof lanterns come with a range of benefits. In the daytime, let the sunshine in and at night enjoy the beautiful starry sky. We don’t believe homeowners should have to choose between form and function, which is why our roof lanterns look as good as they perform.

Made to Measure

No matter the size and shape of your Sandwich home, we can adapt our roof lanterns to your requirements and personal preferences. We customise our lanterns to your roof and building, allowing you to choose from a diverse selection of colours and patterns. If you want a neat and elegant appearance, we offer designs with fewer bars. Our roof lanterns are made to measure no matter if you have a modern or traditional property in Sandwich. Get in touch with us and we will talk you through our entire range of customisation options.

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Thermal Efficiency

With the cost of living crisis looming, it is vital that anything installed into your Sandwich home is thermally efficient. Thanks to the high grade materials, these roof lanterns will help maintain a comfortable property all year round. Even on a cold winter evening, these aluminium lanterns can minimise draughts and improve insulation. All these lanterns feature state of the art thermal technology including thermal clips, thermal gaskets, a thermal rider tail and thermal under cladding. Improve the cost effectiveness of your Sandwich home as these roof lanterns will help you rely less on your central heating and flood a space with natural light.

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Roof Lantern Prices, Sandwhich

Use our free online quoting engine to get a bespoke price tailored to your double glazing installation project. It’s easy to use, works on all devices and comes with no obligation to buy. Simply input your specifications and the innovating costing engine will do all the hard work.

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