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High Performance Sash Windows for Homes in Folkestone

At SecureStyle, we pride ourselves in offering our customers with the best products at an affordable price. This is why we are proud to offer our customers with high quality sash windows designed to fit perfectly into your home.

Our range of stunning sash windows is incredible alternatives to timber windows, with many added benefits. They are ideal for replacing wooden windows due to their low maintenance properties and reduced risk of rotting or warping.

Sash Windows Designed to Fit Your Folkestone Home

One reason why our customers love our uPVC sash windows is due to the fact that they fit their allocated space perfectly. We are able to tailor make each sash window you order to fit the space you provide. This ensures there is little chance of draughts and cold spots.

Made with high performance materials, we are able to customise each window to the exact design specifications you provide. This means your windows are sure to last for many years and there is a reduced risk of water ingress.

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Heightened Thermal Efficiency

While it is true that our double glazing increases heat retention, this is not the only factor that will contribute to your home’s thermal efficiency. We utilise the latest material advancements in the industry, which is why our sash windows are so good.

The uPVC used is manufactured to your exact design measurements, creating a tight fit in the space provided. This reduces the chance of draughts, meaning you won’t have to turn the temperature up to feel warm. Save money and stay warm all year round.

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Customisation Options

At SecureStyle, we understand the importance of ensuring your windows match the aesthetics of your home – nobody wants their windows to look out of place. This is why we offer our sash windows in a range of stunning colours and finishes.

You can personalise your sash windows using our range of stunning colours and finishes, creating the perfect style for your home. As well as this, you can choose from a variety of glass options to ensure you are getting heightened privacy.

Increased Security

Having windows that make your home safer are always a must in our books, which is why we have put all our windows to the test to make sure you are getting the best protection for your home.

Our range of sash windows are PAS 24 accredited, to ensure they are suitable for your home installation. As well as this, you can opt for aluminium reinforcements to provide your family with the highest level of security.

Run Through Horns

We understand the importance of having windows that provide your home with the same aesthetics, however, with a host of added benefits. This is one reason why we are proud to offer our high-performance uPVC sash windows to homeowners.

We provide sash windows with run-through horns to create a timeless and classic appearance that rivals traditional wooden sash windows. These are ideal for townhouses and country retreats, due to their low maintenance qualities.

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Sash Windows Prices Folkestone

We are proud to offer high-quality, thermally efficient windows to our homeowners in the Folkestone area. Each of our windows comes with a high-quality frame and double glazed panels as standard, making sure your home is as safe and thermally efficient as possible.

To find out more about our range of stunning uPVC sash windows available for the Folkestone area, give us a call today on 01127 779372. We will be happy to talk you through the range of options available, giving you all the essential information.

Alternatively, use our online contact form to get in touch today. Our team of experts will be ready and waiting to provide you with detailed responses to all your questions, offering bespoke advice suitable to your situation too. You can even request a call back from them.

As well as this, you can use our online quoting engine to get a quote in minutes. Simply follow the simple form, and you will get a quote as quickly as possible. Once you have your quote, you can give us a call and start the process!

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