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If you’re looking for the perfect sliding sash windows for your Margate property, then get in contact with SecureStyle today. A local business with over fifty years of combined experience, we offer our services to customers throughout Kent in order to bring the very best sliding sash windows to as many of our neighbours as possible.

We work with only the best installation teams in the business, so as to ascertain that every one of our customers is getting excellent quality service at all times. Each of our installers has earned a number of officiated qualifications that set them apart from the competition, and they then combine this with plenty of hands-on experience.

Sash windows are a great way to open up any Margate home to the world outside. Fascinating designs are combined with high quality finishing and colouring in order to craft a product that will blend perfectly with any home, be they traditional or modern. There’s no need to sacrifice aesthetic for quality; with SecureStyle, you get both.

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Tailored Sash Windows for You

Highly Secure Sliding Sash Windows

Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to completing any home improvement project. We utilise the strongest materials in our incredible manufacturing process, and make sure that every one of our products is highly capable of maintaining durability in the face of both unwanted persons and unpleasant weathers. Come rain or wind, your sash windows will maintain their structural integrity and quality throughout and for years to come.

Our manufacturing department makes use of all of the contemporary benefits of modern engineering in order to bolster the already innate durability of our uPVC materials. We then mould this into a recognisable framework and craft your sash windows, and continue to build upon the fantastic profile with the latest weather-proofing techniques and protective finishes. This results in a powerful double glazing product that is specifically built to protect.

After this we begin to weave intricate, interlinking locking mechanisms into the body of the profile to further build upon this increasing level of security. On top of this we include the impressive 3-star ATK enhanced locking cylinder in the creation process.  This incredible dedication to producing a secure product has led to our windows being PAS 24 compliant.

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Thermally Efficient Sliding Sash Windows

Here at SecureStyle, we also understand the importance of thermal efficiency when it comes to modern home improvements. In a time of increasing eco-conscious mind-sets, we want to do our part to help reduce your carbon footprint, as well as your energy bills. That’s why we make sure to craft our sash windows from uPVC materials that offer innate thermal efficiency as an innate characteristic even before the manufacturing process begins.

Similarly to our intricate security manufacturing process, when improving the thermal efficiency of our sash windows we take great care to ascertain what market-leading techniques are used in the most thermally efficient products on the market. By utilising the latest in contemporary double glazing technology, we can make use of the latest vacuum sealing and anti-draught technology to craft a product that traps heat within, and keeps the cold out.

This ability to trap heat behind dedicated vacuum sealing is one of the defining characteristics that make our double glazing sash windows one of the best products for your Margate home. Many of our products are known throughout the industry for their energy efficiency, and their brilliant Window Energy Rating of A+9 will keep your home warm throughout the year. This will mean lower energy bills for you, as well as a lower carbon footprint!

Low Maintenance Sliding Sash Windows

Low-Maintenance, Customisable Sash Windows

We are devoted to bringing all of our customers a host of sash windows customisation options so that you can rest assured the product you are receiving it tailored just for you and your home. While security and thermal efficiency are important, it is equally important for your double glazing product to properly reflect your personal tastes as well as the existing aesthetic of your Margate home.

We also have a selection of additional hardware options which come in a variety of colours. Namely, our handles can be selected in a choice of ‘White’, ‘Black’, ‘Chrome’ and ‘Gold’, as well as different glazing designs, from as ‘Leaded’ to ‘Georgian Bar’. Choose the style that is right for you and your home, and showcase your tastes to visitors when they come to see your completed home.

All of this culminates in a profile that is easy to maintain, and incredibly simple to clean. A simple wipe down will restore your sash windows to their original quality, and innate weather-proofing and the durable profile will mean that your purchase maintains its structural strength for years to come, with no loss in aesthetic quality at the same time. Your double glazing is here to stay!

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Sash Windows Prices Margate

If you have decided that sliding sash windows would make the perfect fit within your home, then get in contact with our team today. Our specialists would be happy to help with any questions that you may have about our double glazing products and services.

On the other hand, you can also check out our online quotation generator if you’d prefer a swift and bespoke sash windows price right now. It’s an easy to use little tool that will help you find a personalised quotation easily, so go ahead and try it out today!

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