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Sash Windows in Ramsgate

Sash windows are a stylish, sophisticated solution for your Ramsgate home. While most windows have a standard fitting, sash windows sit flush within the frame. That means you get a sleeker design, with smaller gaps.

Because of this, there’s not only any protruding elements to get in the way of the window, but there’s less chance of cold air getting into your home. The flush finish also makes it harder for a burglar to prise the window apart.

With Secure Style, you can get sash windows in a wide variety of designs. There are standard flush sash windows, which open like any other, or the elegant sliding sash design. Sliding sash windows open vertically for a window with timeless quality and a chic look.

You can control the look and feel of your new windows too, with the option of uPVC or aluminium frames in customisable colours, along with double glazing. That way, your sash windows will be as unique as your Ramsgate home is.

sash windows prices ramsgate

Tailored Sash Windows for You

At Secure Style, you can get sash windows for your Ramsgate home with your vision in mind. We only supply windows that are made-to-measure and bespoke, so you get the ideal option for your investment. Whatever your needs are, sash windows give you the chance to meet them with a design that can perform for any home.

You could choose a sliding sash window with an authentic mahogany or golden oak finish for traditional appeal, or a flush sash option with stunning aluminium for a modern look.

We also ensure these windows can enhance the way your home performs. In your current space, you may have narrow windows with cumbersome frames and single-glazed glass. These outdated designs don’t offer you a lot of light or insulation.

Because of this, natural warmth struggles to enter your home, and you’ll allow more cold air into your living space too. Our sash windows fix that, with the option of either flexible uPVC frames, which offers superb insulation, or aluminium that glows in the sunlight.

Sash windows, as a result, can give your home a thermal barrier. That way, you’ll protect you and your family from cold weather, and make your home much better at preserving its heat. You’ll feel the difference straight away, with more natural warmth and light meaning you can rely less on your central heating and save on your energy bills.

With Secure Style, you can invest in the best sash windows in Ramsgate with a DGCOS installer and family-owned company too.

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Sleep Easy with Our uPVC Sash Windows

Our sash windows can help you get invaluable peace of mind in your Ramsgate home too. Along with knowing you’re cutting the cost of your energy bills down, you’ll also be a little safer.

Sash windows are more challenging to break into because they sit flush within the frame. That means a burglar won’t be able to prise your window apart. Also, the double glazing in your window is toughened and comes with a multi-point locking mechanism to keep it attached to the frame.

Another benefit of adding these beautiful designs to your Ramsgate home is safety. In case something should go wrong, you want to make sure you can get out of your space quickly. That’s why sash windows have wide apertures, giving you more space to escape should you need it.

Sliding sash windows open upward as well, meaning they won’t get in your way should you need to use them as a fire exit.

Your new windows won’t wear down over time either. Because you’ll get a uPVC or aluminium frame, you can expect your investment to last for decades. These materials are weatherproof, so wind and rain won’t cause them to crack and twist like timber often does.

As a result, you can sleep easy knowing your windows will continue to save energy in your home for years to come. Not only that, but you’ll be far less likely to need to repair the windows as well.

Low Maintenance Sliding Sash Windows

Because of their durable designs, sash windows are a low-maintenance option for homes in Ramsgate. Unlike old timber windows, you won’t need to clean these windows regularly. You won’t even have to repaint or revarnish them, as modern designs can retain their vibrancy for years.

All you’ll need to do is wipe the windows down every so often. You can even invest in self-cleaning double glazing which breaks down dirt and muck for you!

Secure Style’s sash windows are sustainable as well. uPVC sash designs are lead-free, and you can recycle the windows after you finish with them. That means you can be sure that your old frames won’t collect on a landfill site and put any more strain on our environment.

Also, our sash windows have an ‘A’ energy rating, making them some of the most efficient on the market. That means you’ll use even less energy and reduce your carbon footprint considerably.

sash windows in ramsgate
Sash Windows Ramsgate

Sash Windows Prices Ramsgate

For stunning prices on sash windows in Ramsgate, talk to Secure Style!

You can use our online quoting engine today to start choosing the features you want for your new window. Select from a standard or sliding style, the size and the shape, and any customisable colours you’d like to add. Then, we’ll give you an instant quote for your ideas.

Alternatively, you can ask our expert team anything about our services using our online contact form, and you can call us on 01227 779 372

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