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Sash Windows Gravesend

Sliding Sash Windows Gravesend

Here are SecureStyle, we are proud to offer homeowners in the Gravesend area a stunning range of sliding sash windows. Both functional and stylish, these uPVC windows are a fantastic way to enhance the appearance and performance of your Gravesend home.

Sash windows are an ever popular design among homeowners throughout the UK. They are characterised by their sliding functionality across a vertical sash, and they were traditionally manufactured using timber on period properties.

Today, we still love the sliding sash window design. In using uPVC, we can perfectly bring the heritage elements of the well loved window into the 21st century for homeowners in Gravesend and throughout Kent. Our installations offer fantastic thermal efficiency, heightened security and a range of other excellent performance benefits.

SecureStyle is a DGCOS registered company, and our installations comply with the Building Regulations. We work closely with market leading manufacturers to deliver the very best products to our customers, so you can rest assured that your new sash windows are trusted by homeowners across the country. When choosing your new uPVC sash windows, choose SecureStyle.

Sliding Sash Windows Gravesend

Double Glazing Installers

We are SecureStyle. Your local trusted double glazing experts. We specialise in supplying made to measure uPVC Sliding Sash Windows throughout Gravesend and surrounding Kent areas.

Why Choose our Sliding Sash Windows?

Sliding sash windows are a traditional window design that has been widely used in many old buildings and heritage properties. As they are traditionally manufactured using wood, this causes them to warp, rot and decay over time due to the nature of timber. They also require a lot of upkeep and can need repainting as the wood paint starts to peel.

In using uPVC, we can deliver a cost effective and long lasting sliding sash window design that completely eliminates the issues that come with timber frames. Our uPVC sash windows are almost entirely maintenance free. All that is needed is quick wipe down with a damp cloth every now and then to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed.

Even though our designs are uPVC, you won’t have to compromise on the well loved timber aesthetic that homeowners have come to love. You can choose from several woodgrain foils and colour finishes to achieve the appearance you desire. Our sliding sash windows can be manufactured up to 1600mm wide by 3000mm.

Sliding Sash Windows Gravesend

Thermally Efficient

Our uPVC profiles and double glazed panels create an exceptionally thermally efficient product. Without compromising on the classic charm of a sliding sash window, your new installation will be attractive and insulating.


Our windows afford no expense when it comes to appearance. Whether you live in a traditional home or more modern build, your property will benefit from the stunning aesthetics of the classic sash window design.


Any new installation on your home must be safe and secure. Our sash windows are manufactured with robust double glazing, sturdy uPVC profiles and market leading locking mechanisms to keep you safe.

Benefits of our Sliding Sash Windows

There are so many more benefits to our uPVC sash windows. The security levels that these designs deliver achieve PAS 24 accreditation. 

Our uPVC sash windows achieve exceptional weatherproofing. Timber alternatives are susceptible to cracking and warping, meaning that they would let in draughts or rainwater. In using uPVC profiles and double glazing, our sash windows achieve outstanding weatherproofing. This means that regardless of the weather in Gravesend, your home will be safe from the elements.

Expert Installation

Here at SecureStyle, we are committed to delivering homeowners fantastic products. Our installers are professional and respectful. They will be on hand to help you through the entire process and cause as little disruption to your daily life as possible. If there is anything you should need throughout the project, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will do everything we can to help.

uPVC Sash Windows Gravesend
Sliding Sash Window Prices Gravevsend

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Sliding Sash Window Prices Gravesend

If you are looking to get a better idea of you sash window prices, we offer a fantastic, free quoting engine. This tool will provide you with a no obligation quote within a few minutes at the most competitive price!

For more information on the uPVC Sash Window, we supply here at SecureStyle, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can contact us directly on 01227 779372 or you can head over to our contact area and fill out our online contact form.

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