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With our modern verandas, SecureStyle is helping to enhance homes across Acol and Kent. These designs have a brilliant look and connect your home to your garden seamlessly. Our verandas are spacious and sleek, helping you enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. And, with SecureStyle, you can enhance your home for less with a trusted local installer.

We work with market-leading suppliers to ensure the verandas we install in Acol are of the highest quality. We also fit verandas with the help of our expert installers throughout Kent and the surrounding areas. You can also install a range of other double glazing products, including new windows, doors and conservatories, with us. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our range of verandas!


You can get a modern addition for your home with our verandas. Our designs can feature a rounded post and gutter profile that is sleek and stylish for any property. However, you also have the option to create a classic look with our Victorian gutter profile. That way, your new veranda is sure to suit your home.


Our verandas are like a cherry on top of a cake. They add a touch of elegance to any home, and they make your property stand out on any street. You can also make your veranda stand out further with our polyester powder coating. As a result, you can choose a colour for your design knowing it will last.


Our verandas can also keep you comfortable. With their slim profiles, they can accommodate large glazing panes which are thermally efficient and protect you from harsh weather conditions. That way, you can enjoy the outdoors at all times. Our slim profiles provide outstanding views all year round.

securestyle verandas acol

Timeless Verandas Design

By choosing verandas from SecureStyle, you’ll bring a timeless design to your Acol home. Because of this, you can make it as contemporary or as classic as you’d like it to be. You can choose unique colours for your veranda, and we offer aluminium sliding doors and walls, LED spotlights, heaters and privacy blinds. Speak to our team about your requirements to find your ideal configuration today!

Verandas Energy Ratings

Our verandas also have excellent insulation all year round for your home in Acol. The design is fully insulated, meaning cold air can’t get through and warm air won’t escape. Not only that, we use robust aluminium profiles that are air and water-tight, preventing draughts from developing. That way, you can enjoy a fully enclosed living area without spending more money on energy bills.

Industry Leading Verandas

With SecureStyle, you’ll always find verandas of the highest quality for your home in Acol. We’re committed to offering our customers premium-grade designs which can enhance the performance and appearance of your property. We work with specialist manufacturers on our veranda range, too, meaning they’re sure to last. Our designs have robust profiles which will perform for decades without regular maintenance.

Customisable Options

All of our verandas in Acol are customisable, too. That means you can create a new living space that is as unique as you are. You can choose a wide range of options, including extensive RAL colours, glass walls, LED spotlights and more to complement your existing property. That way, you’ll be able to design your veranda around your needs for a perfect, seamless fit.

Simplicity Verandas Acol

Verandas to Suit Any Home

No matter what you’re looking for, SecureStyle’s range of verandas is sure to have something for you. You can choose our slimline profiles for a sleek, stylish look, while we also offer fully insulated designs. Additionally, you can choose to upgrade our verandas in Acol to our Victorian Upgrade option. Because of this, you’ll be in full control of getting the perfect veranda for your property.

Victorian Verandas Acol

Market Leading Supplier

SecureStyle is proud to install verandas in Acol that people love. That's why we always stick to our tried and tested formula of combining designs from market-leading suppliers with expert installation from our team.

Verandas Prices Acol

If you’re looking to install one of our verandas in Acol, get in touch with SecureStyle today! Get a veranda quote today using our free online quote engine or call us on 01227779372 to speak to one of our friendly experts about your requirements.


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