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Bi-Fold Doors Dover

With our aluminium bi-fold doors, you can give your Dover home a dramatic yet elegant entrance. These stylish doors make a great feature, seamlessly bringing together spaces and making a glorious frame for your garden.

These double glazed doors can even be used for larger spaces, including replacing an entire wall with a large door. When you want to open them, the panels fold away into a compact accordion shape, giving you access to the entire aperture.

When you buy your bi-fold doors from us at SecureStyle, you also get the reassurance of our reputation. In fact, we bring you aluminium bi-fold doors from ALUK, who are industry-leading makers of aluminium double glazing. They craft doors that look as glorious as the way they perform. Your Dover home will see an instant transformation, both in appearance and in performance.

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Amazing Features for Homes in Dover

The double glazed bi-fold doors we bring to our Dover customers are hand-picked for their superior quality and exceptional features. The slim sightlines of our ALUK aluminium double glazing give you a chic and modern aesthetic with a vast glazed area.

Additionally, they are built using innovations in modern technology to give you features like never before. The best part is, these are in addition to the strength and durability you get with the aluminium profile, giving you unmatched security.

Additionally, we at SecureStyle install your aluminium bi-fold doors in accordance with all regulations and following best practices. As a result, your doors are fitted efficiently and give you their best performance. Moreover, we don’t just rely on the strength of aluminium to keep your Dover home safe.

We also install your doors with state-of-the-art locking systems. The security fittings include two heavy duty locks, two locking cams, a deadbolt, and sturdy shoot bolts fitted between the panels.

Design Your Door

Choosing the right colour for your door can be crucial not just to its looks but also the appearance of your home. This is why we offer you a choice of 250 RAL colours and finishes. You can match your double glazed aluminium bi-fold doors to your décor, your property’s colour scheme, or both!

We offer dual colour options where you can choose one tone for your inner frames and another for the outer frame. You can even go for woodgrain finishes and make your double glazed bi-fold doors look like timber doors.

The best part is, all of these colours come with a long-lasting finish. As a result, the paint doesn’t fade or start flaking after a few years. Also, the finish helps keep the stains on the surface, so you don’t have to spend hours cleaning them.

You can enjoy your doors, customised to your needs and specifications, for many years. Whether you choose two-panelled or a wider, seven-panelled option, you get beautiful bi-fold doors tailored to your taste.

Versatile & Easy

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them to bring together indoor and outdoor spaces, managing them as and when you need. They also make fantastic interior doors, acting as a point of ingress between rooms.

They can also be used to break up large spaces into smaller rooms, folding away to open up space when you need it. They also make excellent accessibility-friendly points of ingress, especially when combined with low thresholds and matching ramps.

Besides, these aluminium bi-fold doors are incredibly smooth and easy-use. They glide open so smoothly that you can open and close them with one hand. Once you’ve slid them open, the slim panels stack so discreetly on to one side that you get almost 90% of the opening to use. What’s more, the opening mechanism is extremely durable, so this smooth operation lasts as long as the doors themselves.

bi-fold door installers
bi-fold door installers

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Prices Dover

If you want our aluminium bi-fold doors for your Dover property, and want to get a price quote, try out our online quoting engine. This smart tool uses your specifications to generate instant aluminium bi-fold door prices tailored to your needs.

You can also get in touch with us with your questions about our products. Use our contact form or ring us on 01277 779372, and we’ll give you a bi-fold door quote for your Dover home improvement project.

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