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Sash Windows in Minster

Discover our superb range of sash windows for your Minster home. Sash windows are a modern take on classic designs, imitating traditional timber joinery. However, instead of dealing with the issues old windows can cause, you’ll get one that can enhance your home in several ways.

These windows sit flush within the frame, which not only gives them a sleek look but improves the performance of the design. You’ll have smaller gaps for cold air to enter your home, or for a burglar to use to try and prise the window open.

You can choose flush sash windows, which have a standard opening, or beautiful sliding sash windows which open vertically. Each design comes with a choice of uPVC or aluminium in a colour or authentic finish, and double glazing too.

Because of this, the whole window works to trap heat inside your home, and the slimline frame ensures you let more natural light and warmth into your living space. That way, you can make your home warmer, more welcoming and more comfortable.

sash windows prices minster

Tailored Sash Windows for You

Our sash windows are fully customisable, meaning you can design them to suit your Minster home perfectly. Secure Style offers made-to-measure windows and a full installation, meaning you’ll get a precise fitting too.

That means you’ll get the best possible performance from your windows, as there’ll be almost no gaps in the design. Because of this, you’ll feel less cold air entering your home, and far less of your home’s natural warmth escaping too.

As a result, you can make sash windows suit any home. If you live in a traditional home or a cottage, you could choose sliding sash windows. These designs have a chic, timeless look, which is even more authentic with a Mahogany or Rosewood finish.

However, sash windows are ideal for modern spaces too. Aluminium frames have a sleek look that suits the sash window superbly, with a slimline shape and smooth surface that shines in the sunlight.

No matter how your new sash windows look, though, they can improve the comfort of your Minster home. You can lose up to a tenth of your home’s energy with poorly performing windows. With sash windows, you can reclaim control of both your home’s comfort, but its costs as well.

These windows have outstanding insulation thanks to the frames and advanced double glazing. That means you can enjoy a warmer, brighter space without having to spend as much on your central heating.

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Sleep Easy with Our uPVC Sash Windows

At Secure Style, we believe now more than ever that you should be able to feel safe inside your home. Our sash windows help you feel secure at every hour of the day, thanks to their remarkable design.

Your new window will feature leading security hardware, like multi-point locking mechanisms and durable handles and locks. Also, because the window sits closer to the frame, it’s much more challenging to prise open for a burglar.

Our sash windows are¬†compliant with PAS24:2012 regulations. Because of this, you can invest in these windows with confidence that they’ll protect what matters most to you.

The design of your window will also protect the security hardware itself. Your uPVC or aluminium frame will be fully weatherproof, meaning it’ll stop any of the security hardware inside from rusting and wearing down.

Additionally, the opening system of your window can help you keep you safe too. The frames create a robust anchor point for the latches and handles in the design. That means they have more inherent strength, and it’s much less likely that any burglar will be able to break them.

All this means that your sash windows can give you essential peace of mind, and you can enjoy a warmer and more welcoming living space in Minster without worry.

Low Maintenance Sliding Sash Windows

If you have old wooden windows in your home, then you’ll know how difficult they can be to maintain. Timber wears down in wind and rain, creating gaps and causing any paint to fade. That means you often have to repaint and revarnish the window, and it’s more likely to need repairs.

But, while sash windows recreate timber joinery techniques, they don’t give you the same issues. Instead, these windows are straightforward to maintain, saving you time and money.

Sash windows use durable frames that don’t crack or twist in wind and rain. Because of this, they can maintain their shape for decades without you having to repaint them. That way, the colour and finish you choose for your windows won’t fade, and you’re less likely to need to shell out on repairs.

A simple wipe down every so often is all these stunning windows need. As a result, sash windows are ideal for Minster homeowners with busy lives.

sash windows in minster
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Sash Windows Prices Minster

Choose Secure Style’s stunning sash windows today, and transform your home in Minster.

Start by taking advantage of our online quote builder! This interactive tool lets you pick and choose every aspect of your new sash windows. You’ll get a quote within minutes for your dream design.

Alternatively, why not call us today on 01227 779 372 and speak to us directly? Our friendly team of experts will be on hand to help, and they’ll answer any questions you ask through our online contact form too.

We look forward to working with you!

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