Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors Cost | Interior Doors Prices
bifold doors vs sliding doors
bifold doors vs sliding doors

SecureStyle offers both bifold doors and sliding doors as part of our range of double glazing products. However, which design is the best option for your home? While interior bifold doors are seen as more sophisticated, sliding doors have a simple, sleek design. On the other hand, sliding doors don’t offer the same flexibility as many fold doors.

Due to this, working out which is best for your home depends on a few things. Firstly, you’ll want to get the doors that are the most efficient, saving you as much money as you can on your bills. You’ll also want doors that can keep you safe and doors that offer good value for your home. Finally, you’ll want a design that suits your needs, opening up to your garden, working as a partition or connecting two spaces in your property.

interior bifold doors

Are Bifold Doors More Efficient?

One of the questions about buying bifold doors many people have is if they are efficient. After all, interior bifold doors often replace a wall of your home. However, our fold doors have aluminium profiles and advanced double glazing, meaning they provide a durable thermal barrier for your living space. As a result, concertina doors can help you keep cold air out of your home while capturing more of its natural heat.

Sliding doors can also do this, but bifold doors have more double glazing panels in their design. Because of this, you can install larger doors without having to worry about your living space becoming cold and uncomfortable. You’ll be able to open up your home more to nature with concertina doors, and you can even make your living space more accessible with a low-threshold option. You’ll be saving money on your energy bills too!

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Are Bifold Doors More Secure?

Another reason why you might choose bifold doors or sliding doors is the security you need. Doors are still the most likely way burglars or intruders will try and enter your home, so getting a secure design is critical. While sliding doors have multi-point locking mechanisms and other features, they might not be the most secure options. It’s because fold doors offer these security systems while also giving you more privacy.

Although bifold doors have an expansive, open design, you can customise them to make your home more secure. A low-threshold option makes the doors anti-crowbar, while you can also add decorative or obscured glazing to stop prying eyes looking into your home. Finally, concertina doors are just as useful as a partition between rooms as a door to your garden. Because of this, you could get more peace of mind with interior bifold doors.

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Are Bifold Doors More Expensive?

However, one of the issues with installing bifold doors is the price. Sliding doors are a much cheaper option for your home, meaning you could save money at the outset. But sliding doors aren’t necessarily the best investment. Although those doors will cost less, they may not save you as much money as fold or concertina doors can in the long run.

Interior bifold doors are also a highly durable design, thanks to the aluminium profiles we use in our builds. We work with AluK to ensure our doors have market-leading frames that will perform for decades and won’t require regular maintenance. AluK’s profiles also protect the advanced security measures, including heavy-duty locks, locking cams and a deadbolt, from rust and wear. As a result, bifold doors will be able to save you money for decades and potentially pay the cost of your investment back over time.

bifold doors vs sliding doors prices

Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors Prices

No matter whether bifold doors or sliding doors feels like the right call for your home, though, there’s one installer who can help you save on both. At SecureStyle, we’ve been installing our aluminium fold doors and sliding patio doors for homes in Kent and the surrounding areas for years. As a local company, we put our customers first, offering short wait times and affordable prices. Not only that, our partnerships with leading suppliers ensure our doors are of the highest quality.

You can also customise our bifold doors and sliding doors to suit your home. You could opt to make your traditional sliding doors fit the period with woodgrain foils, or you could choose modern fold doors with bold colours. You can also adjust the opening direction of the design, while you can select the number of panels as well. We’ll fit your new doors made-to-measure every time.

If you’d like to install bifold doors or sliding doors for your home, then use our online quote builder to design your doors today. It’ll give you a personalised price for any unique design in minutes. And, for further information, our friendly team are happy to help. Give us a call on 01227 779 372 to ask us anything or leave us a message via our online contact form.

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