white sliding sash window
white sliding sash window

Are you looking for modern and versatile uPVC Sliding Sash Windows in Maidstone? Our Sash Windows may be right up your street! These fantastic windows look beautiful on both modern and period properties, an eye catching alternative to timber.

If you’re after a traditional styled sliding sash window with modern thermal efficiency and security, our uPVC Sliding Sash Windows are your best option!

Sash Windows maidstone

What are uPVC sliding sash windows? Simply put, uPVC sliding sash windows are a brilliant double glazing solution for those after a traditional look.

uPVC sliding sash are an elegantly designed double glazing window that brings out the charisma in your Maidstone property.

Here at SecureStyle, we have over 50 years combined experience in fitting the highest quality windows throughout Kent. We pride ourselves in offering a dynamic range of uPVC windows. Our entire range of uPVC windows are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit! What’s more, our entire range of windows come with a huge ten year guarantee!

SecureStyle and uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Why, when there are so many claimed ‘double glazing experts’ should you choose SecureStyle to renovate your property with uPVC Sliding Sash Windows?

Unlike many double glazing companies, we have our own in house team of double glazing installation engineers. Every single one of our double glazing professionals have been trained to the highest standard. Making sure that your double glazed windows survive way into the future!

So, if you’re after the highest quality uPVC Sliding Sash windows and ten years cover, get your online quote today with SecureStyle.
Sash Windows Maidstone

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows in Maidstone

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows are the perfect solution for customers with limited space available to them. These thermally efficient uPVC windows open vertically, assuring they are well suited for places with minimal space. They boast a superior mechanical functionality, assuring a smooth operation each and every time.

Once installed your uPVC windows need little to no maintenance at all. This is down to both the nature of uPVC and the clever design of the window. To keep your window in perfect working condition, you need only run a damp cloth over the profile once a month or so. Your window will never need painting! Nor do you ever have to worry about the hinges or locks seizing up as a result to harsh weather conditions.

Both the stainless steel locking system and weather protected hinges are built into the window itself. This benefits both the security and functionality of your windows.

uPVC sliding sash maidstone

Let’s start with security. We build our locks and hinges into the profile to stop would be thieves tampering, and even removing them. Our design is so good, that when the window is closed you can’t see the lock! On top of this, the glass is internally beaded. This is a massive leap forward with in regards design. Internally beaded glass is essentially impossible to remove from the outside. Another plus for security.

Finally, asides from security, how does encasing the locks and hinges prolong the life of your uPVC sliding sash window? The answer is simple, mother nature. Our thought process is, if the weather can’t reach the locks or hinges, the weather can’t damage the locks or hinges. This prolongs the life of your uPVC sliding sash window. Assuring that the locks and hinges remain easy to clean, and maintain.

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uPVC Sliding Sash Window Prices in Maidstone

Do you feel that uPVC Sliding Sash windows might be the best choice for your property? Or, are you simply interested to discover just how little uPVC Sliding Sash windows will cost you. Getting a quote couldn’t be easier, simply visit our quote section of the website and fill in your details.

Or, if you’d prefer, why not give us a call? Our in house team of friendly experts are only too happy to talk you through any of our products, explain the installation process and even give you a quote over the phone.

Give us a call today on – 01227 779 372.

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